More Dirty Debutantes 41


Number 41 features Teresa, that lovely from Europe you last had seen a glimpse of in # 40. This time she gets a bit bold and allows Ed to get between her cheeks, so to speak. Remember Deep inside # 6, featuring Natalie? Well, she promised if she ever decided to go further and be with other men that Ed would be the first, and here it is. She’s only been with one other man before. Lovelies Lori and Jennefer help to make Ed happy and put a smile on his face. Lori’s first backdoor Experience could put a smile on anyone’s face. The Bros. Reunite, Jamie and Ed get behind the exotic Cherry Blossom. Originally from Japan, she’s a dynamic individual with a lot of sexuality. Ed and Jamie waste no time exploring that. So, join Jamie Gillis and your Bro. Ed Powers in More Dirty Debutantes # 41 Xpanded Edition.

Date: June 26, 2018

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