More Dirty Debutantes 30


Marylin, a centerfold model, requests Randy West to be the number one man to have the honors. No problem. Ed goes to the Bro-phone and in no time, Randy is there! She even lets Ed fool around. Ed then introduces the lovely and mysterious lady known as Mystiqa. Mystiqa experiences Ed and then the lovely Chelsea Lynx, who returns once again. Taj Mahal returns to mix in with Chelsea’s delights as well. Then, Tim and Nicole share with us what is normally their own private sex-life. Next, we meet Roxy, who admits to being married to another woman. Looks like a job for Bonita, the honorary Nasty Sister! More Dirty Debutantes #30 documents first-time situations in the sex-lives of real people. Ed is having fun and the time of his life and he welcomes you to share the adventure with him in the continuing saga of More Dirty Debutantes!

Date: June 26, 2018

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