House of the Rising Sun


There’s literally nothing about this one that makes it a likely candidate for this title, since none of it takes place at a brothel or in New Orleans at all. Instead, this one tells the rather convoluted and confusing story of thief Terry Thomas, a small-time hood who’s on the run form the cops for a crime her may or may not have committed. He heads to the home of ex-girlfriend Isis Nile, who informs him that she’s now a lesbian who’s linked up with breasty beauty Melanie Brooks. Terry then goes to collect an old debt form a local bartender, who gives him a check that can only be cashed by someone called Two Fingers who resides in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Terry’s trying to convince lusty Brooke Ashley to run off with him to Europe once he gets paid. The whole thing is tremendously dumb and hard to follow, but the sex itself shimmers with some real intensity. Terry hooks up with Kitty Yung and Marc Wallice in an early threesome that ranks as one of the flick’s best, with Kitty really getting into the saucy spirit of things and grinding her way through both guys with pure passionate high energy. Isis joins Peter North for a gripping go-round after he promises her a role in a movie. Brooke Ashley rips through a torrid sequence with Terry in which he shaves her as a prelude to passion. No-nonsense heat form some nicely naughty gals makes this one a nice pick for fans of interracial romping.

Date: June 26, 2018

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